Research Areas

Biological Chemistry  
NMR Spectroscopy, Physics and Biology of Biological Molecules Abani K. Bhuyan
Photophysical processes in biological systems Anunay Samanta
Bio-mimetic Catalysis and Molecular Therapeutics D. B. Ramachary
Folding Pathways Proteins and Computer Aided Drug Designing Jovan Jose K. V.
Protein structure and function; protein biophysical studies  
Lalitha Guruprasad
Glyco-biology, peptide based drugs and synthesis of carbohydrate based vaccines P. Ramu Sridhar
Biological membranes, lipid phase behavior, lipid-protein interactions, protein chemistry and structure, protein-ligand interactions
Inorganic Chemistry  
Theoretical studies on Transition Metal Oxides and Sulphides Jovan Jose K. V.
Synthetic Chemistry (Organic/ Inorganic) K. C. Kumara Swamy
Synthesis of nanomaterials and metal complexes. Catalysis K. Muralidharan
Coordination networks, polyhalides, magnetic exchange M. V. Rajasekharan
Organometallic Chemistry
M. Sathiyendiran
Bioinorganic, Bioorganic & Supramolecular Chemistry of Porphyrinoids
Pradeepta Kumar Panda
Functional Inorganic Materials
Samar Kumar Das
Coordination and organometallic chemistry Samudranil Pal
Molecular Clusters & Magnetism Viswanathan Baskar
Materials Chemistry  
Ultrafast charge carrier dynamics in perovskite and related materials Anunay Samanta
Ab Initio crystal structure prediction Jovan Jose K. V.
Nanomaterials, polymers and high-energy materials K. Muralidharan
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells; Functional materials for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 
Murali Banavoth
Porphyrinoids based Materials for Solar Cell & Near Infrared Diagnostics Pradeepta Kumar Panda
Nano-Photonic Organic Materials and Devices R. Chandrasekar
Molecular and nanomaterials T. P. Radhakrishnan
Polymer Chemistry and Materials Science Tushar Jana
Organic Chemistry  
C-H activation, ynamides, energy materials, organometallics Akhila Kumar Sahoo
Supramolecular chemistry, crystal engineering, pharmaceutical solids Ashwini Nangia
Synthetic organic chemistry: Asymmetric Organocatalysis, Sequential One-pot Reactions etc. D. B. Ramachary
Baylis-Hillman reaction, Chiral catalysis D. Basavaiah
Organic synthesis, chemical biology Goverdhan Mehta
Theoretical organic reaction mechanisms
Jovan Jose K. V.
Synthetic chemistry (Organic/ Inorganic) K. C. Kumara Swamy
Organic materials for harvesting solar and stored solar energy M. Periasamy
Synthetic organic chemistry, total synthesis of natural products and carbohydrate therapeutics P. Ramu Sridhar
Synthetic porphyrinoid chemistry & high energy materials Pradeepta Kumar Panda
Synthetic organic chemistry - transition metal and Br╬Žnsted acid catalysis, synthetic methodologies and strategies R. Balamurugan
Organic Synthesis - Alkaloids R. Nagarajan
Synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry, sustainable catalysis, privileged molecules, total synthesis       Srinivasarao Yaragorla
Physical Chemistry  
Photo-induced processes in molecules, materials and biological systems, ultrafast and single-molecule spectroscopy         
Anunay Samanta
Molecular Spectroscopy of Large Molecules Jovan Jose K. V.
Ultrafast spectroscopy and Photophysics for Donor/Acceptor Interfaces in Solar energy materials
Murali Banavoth
Single-Particle Microscopy/Spectroscopy
R. Chandrasekar
Materials and Computational Chemistry
T. P. Radhakrishnan
Polymer Chemistry and Materials Science Tushar Jana
Theoretical and Computational Chemistry 
Theoretical and Computational aspects of Organocatalysis D. B. Ramachary
Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics; Nonlinear dynamics in biology Debashis Barik
Developing Methods for Theoretical Molecular Spectroscopy
Jovan Jose K. V.
Quantum chemistry
Kalidas Sen
Computational aspects of protein structure and function Lalitha Guruprasad
Quantum chemistry, many body theories and computational chemistry M. Durga Prasad
Computational modeling of materials and molecules, polymorph prediction, forcefield development
Manju Sharma

Susanta Mahapatra