17 Aug 2018: Ph.D. Viva-voce exam of Mr. B. Naveen, from Prof. R. Nagarajan lab 
Title of the Talk: “Total Synthesis of β–Carboline and Quinolone Natural Products: Meta-tacarbolines, Oldhamiaine B, Marinacarbolines, enicinoline E, Marinamides and Sannanine”,
Doctoral Committee Members : Prof.Tushar Jana, Dr. P. Ramu SridharVenue: Seminar Hall, SoC, Time: 11.00 AM.

10 Aug 2018: Seminar by Dr. Sharath Chandra Mahavadi, Schlumberger-Doll Reserach Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts. 
Title of the talk: “Chemistry @ Interfaces: Challenges in Petroleum Industry”, Venue: Seminar hall, SoC, Time: 04.00 PM.

07 Aug 2018: Seminar by Dr. Pachamuthu Kandasamy, Director at Wave Life Sciences Ltd., Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Toronto Research Chemical inc., Cambridge, USA. 
Title of the talk: “Stereopure Phosphothioate Oligonucleotides”, Venue: Seminar hall, SoC, Time: 03.30 PM.

16 July 2018: Ph.D. Viva-voce exam of Mr. P. Sashikantha Reddy, from Prof. A. K. Bhuyan lab 
Title of the Talk: “Solution NMR Structure, Backbone Dynamics and Nucleic Acid Binding of Partially Disordered Arabidopsis thaliana Phloem Protein 16-1, A Putative mRNA Transporter”,
Doctoral Committee Members : Prof. M. J. Swamy, Prof. Lalitha GuruprasadVenue: Seminar Hall, SoC, Time: 10.30 AM.

16 July 2018: Seminar by Prof. Athi N. Naganathan, IIT-Madras, Chennai. 
Title of the talk: “Tunable Order-Disorder Continuum in Protein-DNA Interactions”, Venue: Seminar hall, SoC, Time: 03.00 PM.

12 July 2018: Pre-Ph.D. Seminar of Mr. U. Venkataramudu, from Prof. R. Chandrasekar lab 
Title of the Talk: “Photonic Properties of Organic Microresonators and Ferroelectric Polar Crystal: Two-Photon Luminescence, Second Harmonic 
Generation, and Terahertz Wave Production”,
Doctoral Committee Members : Prof. T. P. Radhakrishnan, Prof. A. Nangia & Prof. Samar K. Das, Venue: Seminar Hall, SoC, Time: 11.00 AM.

11 July 2018: Seminar by Dr. B. V. V. S. Pavan Kumar, Marie- Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Bristol. 
Title of the talk: “Enzyme-powered motility in buoyant organoclay/DNA microcapsules”, Venue: Seminar hall, SoC, Time: 04.00 PM.

03 July 2018:  Seminar by Dr Dinesh K. Khara, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. 
Title of the talk: “DNA Origami: Molecular Motor, Machine and Robots”, Venue: Seminar hall, SoC, Time: 04.00 PM.

02 July 2018:  Seminar by Dr. Sabyashachi Mishra, Department of Chemistry, IIT Kharagpur. 
Title of the talk: “Catalytic Action of a Microbial Enzyme and Rational Design of its Inhibitors”, Venue: Seminar hall, SoC, Time: 11.30 AM.