M. Sc. (2-Year)

The two-year M.Sc. programme lays equal emphasis on Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry. The programme lasting four semesters comprises 3 courses each in Organic, Inorganic, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, 2 laboratory courses each in Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry and elective courses. Some of the unique features of the programme are the core courses in Instrumentation and Computer Applications, Mathematics for Chemists, Materials Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, seminar course, elective courses and project work in the final semester. 


Minimum qualification: B.Sc. with a minimum of 60% marks in the aggregate of Science subjects with Chemistry as one of the subjects, preferably in combination with Physics and Mathematics. 
Selection: Based on a written test conducted at various examination centers all over the country. The written test consists of objective type questions. Candidates are expected to have a sound knowledge of B.Sc. level general chemistry and basic mathematics. The paper consists of multiple choice questions and wrong answers carry negative marks. 
Course Structure
I Semester (18 Credits)                                                                 
II Semester (24 Credits)                                                             
Course No. Title
Course No. Title
CY-401 Basic concepts and coordination chemistry         
3 CY-451 Main group and inner transition elements 3
CY-402 Physical organic chemistry
CY-452 Organic reactions and mechanisms 3
CY-403 Quantum chemistry
CY-453 Molecular spectroscopy 3
CY-404 Inorganic chemistry lab: Quantitative &
qualitative analysis   
CY-454 Chemical and statistical thermodynamics  3
CY-405 Organic chemistry lab: Techniques
3 CY-455 Biological chemistry 3
Symmetry and Mathematics
CY-456 Inorganic chemistry lab: Synthesis 3

CY-457 Physical chemistry lab 3
      FN-206 Chemistry for All 3
III Semester (21 Credits)                                                               
IV Semester (15 Credits)                                                            
Course No. Title
Course No. Title Credit
CY-501 Spectroscopic methods for structure elucidation  
3 CY-551 Chemistry of materials 3
CY-502 Advanced organic synthesis
CY-552 Seminar 3
CY-503 Chemical dynamics
CY-553 Project 3
CY-504 Chemical binding 3

CY-505 Advanced inorganic chemistry
3 CY-571 Electives for 6 credits from:                      
CY-506 Organic chemistry lab: Synthesis
(See titles in the Syllabus)

Instrumentation and computer applications lab

NOTE: The above courses are the minimum requirement for the degree. Students are encouraged to take extra electives in all semesters which will earn Extra-credits for them.
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Details of Learning Outcomes

  • Syllabi in Outcome Based Education (OBE) format.