Research  Areas 

Biological chemistry:
Structural Biology (LGP), Biophysical Chemistry (MJS), Physics and Biology of Biological Molecules (AKB)
Inorganic chemistry: Inorganic and Supramolecular Chemistry (MVR , SKD, KM, MS, PKP), Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry (SP), Clusters: Main Group, Transition and Lanthanides (VB), Organophosphorus & Main group chemistry (KCK), Bio-Inorganic & Bio-organic chemistry (PKP) 

Materials chemistry: Materials chemistry (TPR, RC, TJ, KM), Solar energy materials and solar cells (MB), Polymer Chemistry (TJ, KM) 

Organic Chemistry: Synthetic organic chemistry (RB, DB, SY, KCK, RN, MP, DBR, AKS, PRS), Synthetic carbohydrate chemistry (PRS), Medicinal chemistry (AKS), Supramolecular chemistry (AN) 

Physical chemistry: Ultrafast spectroscopy & photochemistry (AS)

Theoretical chemistry: Quantum chemistry (KDS, MDP, SM, JJ), Chemical dynamics and nonadiabatic Processes (SM), Statistical mechanics and systems biology(DBk), Computational chemistry (TPR, JJ, MSh) 

Journal Club Meeting

Time:    10.30 am
Venue:  Seminar Hall

  1. Miss Sameeta Sahoo (Prof. Panda's lab) - 'Linus Pauling:The Odyssey to Nobel Prizes' 
  2. Mr. Ajay Rawat (Prof. Mahapatra's lab) - 'Fingerprints: Development and Relevant Chemistry' 
  3. Prof. Kalidas Sen - Aneesur Rahman of Hyderabad: A Tribute