Pradeepta K. Panda
Ph. D. IISc, Bangalore, 2002 
Postdoctoral Research    Kangwon National University, 2002 - 2005   

Kobe University, 2005 - 2006
JSPS fellow Kobe University, 2006
Assistant Professor University of Hyderabad, 2007 - 2012
Associate Professor University of Hyderabad, 2012 - 2015
Professor University of Hyderabad, 2015 - Present  
Phone: +91- 40- 23134818, E-mail: 
Research Interests 
Our major objectives is based on design and synthesis of various porphyrinoids such as: Porphyrins and its isomers, including search for new isomers, Expanded porphyrins, Contracted porphyrins, Non-aromatic porphyrinoids (e. g. calixpyrrole), BODIPYs (in particular π-extended types) having potential application as photosensitizers for photodynamic treatment of cancer, near infra-red (NIR) dyes as biomarker, molecule/anion sensing, catalysis and nonlinear optical materials.  

Another objective of our group is focused on the synthesis of energetic materials. 
Selected Publications
  • Hexaethylsubporphyrins: β-alkyl analogues in subporphyrin family; Chandra, B., Kumar, B. S., Mondal, N., Samanta, A., Panda, P. K. Dalton Trans., 2015, 44, 19966. 
  • β,β′-Bipyrrole fusion driven cis-bimetallic complexation in isomeric porphyrin; Sarma, T., Kumar, B. S., Panda, P. K. Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed., 2015, 54, 14835.
  • Calix[4]pyrroles with Shortest Possible Strap: Exclusively Selective toward Fluoride Ion; Samanta, R., Kumar, B. S., Panda, P. K. Organic Letters, 2015, 17, 4140.
  • β-Tetrachlorotetramethoxyporphycenes: positional effect of substituents on structure and photophysical properties; Rana, A., Panda, P. K. Chemical Communications, 2015, 51, 12239.
  • Meso-diacylated calix[4]pyrrole: Structural diversities and enhanced binding towards dihydrogenphosphate ion; Mahanta, S. P., Kumar, B. S., Panda, P. K. Chemical Communications, 2011, 47, 4496.