Goverdhan Mehta
Professor, FRS 
University Distinguised Professor &

Dr. Kallam Anji Reddy Chair

Ph. D. Poona University, 1967
Postdoctoral Research The MSU and OSU, 1967 - 1969
Assistant Professor IIT, Kanpur, 1970 - 1976
Professor University of Hyderabad, 1977 – 1998 
Vice-Chancellor University of Hyderabad, 1994 - 1998
Director IISc, 1998 - 2005
CSIR Bhatnagar Fellow 2005 - 2010
National Research Professor 
2009 - 2014
Phone: +91-40-23134848, E-mail:
Research Interests 
  • Chemical Sciences - Organic Chemistry (Synthesis).
  • Design and reactivity of novel molecular objects and entities, total synthesis of complex bioactive natural products.
  • Creation of NCE’s for drug discovery, origin and control of stereogenesis
  • Crystal engineering of conformationally locked polyols and photodynamic therapy of cancer. 
  • More recently involved in profiling and promoting chemical sciences as ‘ sustainability science’.
Selected Publications
  • Recursive Anion-Triggered Tandem Reactions of ortho-Bis-ynones:Tunable Synthesis of1‑Indenones and Cyclopenta[a]inden-8(2H)ones, A. Gunnam, A. Balasubramani, G. Mehta, J. Org. Chem. 87, 4376, (2022). 
  • Tandem Michael−anti-Michael Addition-Mediated Orthogonal Strapping of Diynones: Regioselective Spiro-cyclopentannulation of Oxindoles and Pyrazolones and DFT Validation, M. J. Sarma, San Jindani, B. Ganguly, S. Pabbaraja, G. Mehta, J. Org. Chem. 87, 884, (2022). 
  • Re-imagining Priorities for Chemistry: A Central Science for “Freedom from Fear and Want”,S. Matlin, A. Krief, H.Hopf, G. Mehta, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 60, 25610 (2021)  
  • Stitching Ynones with Nitromethanes: Domino Synthesis of Functionally Enriched Benzofurans and Benzothiophenes, S. Singh, S. Nerella, P. Srihari, G. Mehta, J. Org. Chem. 86, 12093 (2021). 
  • Conceptualization and Synthesis of the First Inosito-Inositol (Decahydroxydecalin, DHD): In silico Binding to b-Amyloid Protein. S. Rashid, B. A. Bhat, G. Mehta, Chem. Eur. J. 26, 17005 (2020).