Ashwini Nangia
Senior Professor, FNASc, FASc, FNA 
J.C. Bose National Fellow 

Ph. D. Yale University, 1988

NOCIL Agrochemicals R&D Centre (Navi Mumbai), 1988 - 1989 
Assistant Professor      University of Hyderabad, 1989 - 1993
Associate Professor University of Hyderabad, 1993 - 2001
Professor University of Hyderabad, 2001 - Present  
On lien as Director CSIR-NCL Pune, March 2016 onwards
Phone: +91- 40- 23134854, E-mail: 
Research Interests 
  • Current research activities are directed towards polymorphism, pharmaceutical cocrystals, and the design and synthesis of solid-state assemblies for novel and improved drug products 
  • Polymorphism and pseudopolymorphism 
  • Host-guest inclusion chemistry 
  • Design of novel crystalline solids 
  • Thermal measurements on polymorphs 
  • Pre clinical testing of drug cocrystals and eutectics 
  • Modification of physico-chemical and pharmaco-kinetic properties of drugs 

Selected Publications
  • Improving the Dissolution Rate of Anticancer Drug Dabrafenib. S. K. Rai, A. Gunnam, M. K. C. Mannava, A. K. Nangia. Cryst. Growth Des. 2020, 20, 2, 1035-1046. 
  • Can We Identify Salt-cocrystal Continuum State Using XPS? Tothadi, Srinu; Shaikh, Tabrez. R; Dandela, Rambabu; Vinod, Chathakudath; Nangia, Ashwini. Crystal Growth & Design 2021, 21, 2, 735–747.
  • Salts, Solvates and Hydrates of Multi-kinase Inhibitor Drug Pazopanib with Hydroxybenzoic Acids. S. K. Rai, D. Baidya, A. K. Nangia. CrystEngComm, 2021, 23, 5994-6011.
  • Entacapone Polymorphs: Crystal Structures, Dissolution, Permeability, and Stability. M. K. Bommaka, M. K. C. Mannava, S. K Rai, K. Suresh, A. K Nangia. Cryst. Growth Des., 2021, 21, 5573-5585.
  • Fluorobenzoic Acid Coformers to Improve the Solubility and Permeability of BCS Class IV Drug Naftopidil. M. K. C. Mannava, M. K. Bommaka, R. Dandela, K. A. Solomon, A. K. Nangia. Chem. Comm., 2022, DOI: 10.1039/D1CC07187D