Project Summary
Silver(I, II)
Manganese(III, IV)
Coord. Polymers

Ph. D. Students
Ramavat Babu ('10-)
Krishna Chary T. ('08-'15)
S. M. Elahi ('08-'14)
Onawumi O. O. E. (TWAS
    sandwich program '05-'06)
A. R. Biju ('03-'08)
G. Bhargavi ('03-'09)
Prasad T. K. ('02-'07)
K. Balkis Ameen (External
    registration '01-'06)
M. Ayub Khan (Guest
    student '00-'04)
B. Kishore Babu ('00-'03, '10-'11)
S. Sailaja ('97-'02)
D. Ramalakshmi ('93-'99)
Sindhu Menon ('91-'96)
K. Rajender Reddy ('88-'93)
C. Balagopalakrishna ('85-'91)
N. Venkatalakshmi ('85-'91)
G. Swarnabala ('83-'88)

Post-doctoral students
Praveen Kumar Y. ('16- )
Vimal Kumar P. M. ('12-'15)
Srinivasan N. ('11-'14)
G. Bhargavi ('09- )
K. Rajender Reddy ('94-'96)
G. Swarnabala ('91-'96)

K. Murray 
J.-P. Costes 
J. J. Girerd 
S. Padhye 
J.-P. Tuchagues 
G. V. R. Chandramouli
D. J. Hodgson 
J. L. Atwood 
B. L. Ramakrishna 
M. Subrahmanyam 
I. I. Mathews 
R. Goddard 

P. T. Manoharan ('73-'79)
J. H. Ammeter ('79-'81)
H. U. Guedel ('81-'82)

M. V. Rajasekharan

School of Chemistry
University of Hyderabad
Hyderabad - 500 046
Telangana, India

Research interests: Coordination networks, polyiodides, magnetic exchange ..

Representative publications:

Reaction of copper halides with dafone and halogens - magnetic exchange in dibromine linked chains of Cu(dafone)2X2.   : DOI

Alkali ion - Ce3+ - dipicH2 system : coordination networks and water clusters.  : DOI

Br82−, I2Br62− and chains (··Br3··Br2·· and ··IBr4··) using Cu(dafone)32+ as counter ion.   : DOI

Spherical octanuclear clusters: Na-Ln-dipic - nitrate encapsulation, water 9-mers and 12-mers.   : DOI

Di-aqua-bridged dinuclear Cu(II) isonicotinate adducts using bpy and phen.   : DOI

Alkaline-Earth (Mg-Ba)-Ce(dipic)33−: highly hydrated networks that survive dehydration.   : DOI

Structure and cytotoxicity of cis-Pt(dafone)Cl2.   : DOI

End-on azido Mn(III): SCM and its dimeric SMM polymorph - Mn(5-Clsalpn)N3   : DOI

Tetranuclear copper azido complex of dafone.   : DOI

[Mn(acac)2(HOCH3)2]3[Ce(NO3) 6] - Icosahedral anion builds a cubic network.   : DOI

CeIV-Ln III-dipicH2 : coordination salts, chains, and rings.   : DOI

Unusual coordination geometries: Ag(I)-dafone   : DOI

A 3d-4f cubic structure with only ferromagnetic Gd-Mn interactions.   : DOI

Water octamer in Ce(dipic)2(H2O)3·4H2O – crystallographic, thermal and theoretical Studies   : DOI

Coordination network structures in the Ba-Ce-dipicH2 system.   : DOI

Coordination polymers of Ag(I): circular helicate and 2-D networks - Ag···Ag, anion control.   : DOI

[Mn(salpn)NCS]n, [Mn(salpn)NCS]2. Weak ferromagnetism, strong magnetic anisotropy in Mn(III).   : DOI

Coordination polymers of silver(I): a triple helical infinite chain.   : DOI

Crystallographic disorder in mixed-valent dioxo-bridged Mn(III,IV) complexes.   : DOI

Magnetic properties of Mn(salpn)N3, a helical polymer, and Fe(salpn)N3, a ferromagnetic dimer.   : DOI

[Ca(dipicH2)(OH2)3][Ce(dipic)3]·5H2O: a chain of alternating CeN3O6 and CaNO7 polyhedra ..   : DOI

Channel forming polyiodide network in [Cu(dafone)3] I12: a new planar structure for the I122- ion.   : DOI

Origin of the hyperfine anisotropy in a Mn(IV) complex - paramagnetic ligands.   : DOI

Magnetic properties and EPR of  Cu(bp3ca): Ferromagnetic via unsymmetrical bromide bridges.   : DOI

Influence of intermolecular interactions on coordination geometry.   : DOI

Modelling the photosythetic water oxidation: [Mn2(μ-O)2 (μ-OAc)(H2O)2(bipy)2] (ClO4)3· H2O.    : DOI

Nitrato( .. bipyridine)silver(I). A dimer held by stacking and silver-silver interactions.   : DOI

Long range exchange in copper(II) via lattice water : Single crystal EPR studies.   : DOI

Ag(II) with hindered N-heterocyclic ligands: EPR studies   : DOI

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Mathematics for chemists - CY404

Computer programming lab - CY407

Quantitative analysis lab - CH104

Open-ended lab - CH306

Physical chemistry I (Quantum Chemistry) - CH412

Advanced inorganic chemistry - CY505
Quantum chemistry and chemical binding  - CH513
Physical methods in inorganic chemistry  - CY578

Computer programs

Polycrystalline EPR simulation

Magnetic susceptibility curve fitting