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Palladium(II)-Catalyzed Annulative Difunctionalization of Two Inert C(sp3)–H Bonds by a Bifunctional Reagent

Arghadip Ghosh, Nicolas Grimblat, Somratan Sau, Arijit Saha, Vincent Gandon*, and Akhila K. Sahoo, ACS Catal. 2023, 13, 11, 7627–7636

Regioselective Difunctionalization and Annulation of Ynamide

Dr. Shubham Dutta, Dr. Rajendra K. Mallick, Prof. Dr. Akhila K. Sahoo, Angew. Chem.Int. Ed.2023,62, e20230081

ThreeComponent syn-1,2-Arylmethylationof InternalAlkynes

Dr. Shubham Dutta, Prof. Dr. Akhila K. Sahoo, Angew. Chem.2023,135, e2023006

Two-component symmetrical diarylation of ynamides

Aradhana Sahoo , Shubham Dutta and Akhila K. Sahoo, Org. Biomol. Chem., 2023, 21, 5737-5741

DOI: 10.1039/D3OB00793F

Sulfoximine Assisted C–H Activation and Annulation via Vinylene Transfer: Access to Unsubstituted Benzothiazines

Koneti Kondalarao, Somratan Sau and Akhila K. Sahoo *, Molecules 2023, 28(13), 5014 (Invited "A Themed Issue Dedicated to Professor Carsten Bolm")

Cobalt-Catalyzed Thioamide Directed C(arene)–H Annulation with Ynamide: Regioselective Access to 2-Amidoindenones

Somratan Sau , Arghadip Ghosh, Majji Shankar, Manash Protim Gogoi, and Akhila Kumar Sahoo*, Org. Lett. 2022, 24, 51, 9508–9513

A 6-endo-dig Thiolative Cyclization of Yne-Ynamides: Access to Thiodihydropyridin-2-ones

Suresh Kanikarapu , Manash Protim Gogoi, Shubham Dutta, and Akhila K. Sahoo*, Org. Lett. 2022, 24, 45, 8289–8294

Brønsted Acid Promoted Sulfenylacyloxylation of Alkynes: Access to 4-Sulfenylisocoumarins

Arijit Saha, E. Ramesh, Akhila K. Sahoo, Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis., 2022, 364(20), 3496-3500.

Ruthenium-Catalyzed Multiple Functionalization of Arene C-H Bonds

Kallol Mukherjee, Majji Shankar, Akhila K. Sahoo

Metal-free stereoselective addition of propiolic acids to ynamides: a concise synthetic route to highly substituted enediyne/dienyne-(E)-N,O-acetals

Rangu Prasad, Suresh Kanikarapu, Shubham Dutta, Srinivas Vangara and Akhila K. Sahoo. New J. Chem., 2022, Advance Article.