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The main focus of our research group is to study the unique features of enzymes towards synthetically useful chemical transformations. The work is an interdisciplinary research and involves both; organic chemistry & molecular biology. We are keenly interested in the development of multienzymatic cascade by a Systems Biocatalysis Approach for obtaining valuable pharmaceutical precursors (APIs) and fine chemicals. Fine-tuning enzymes for a required process by improving their stability, selectivity and activity through directed evolution and bioinformatic techniques is all part of our work. Our overall aim is to develop enzymatic processes which are green, sustainable and economical at every step.


Latest News

  • Karishma received the prestigious Prime Minister's Research Fellowship(PMRF). Hearty Congratulations Karishma!

    We have an opening for a Project Assistant position. M.Sc Organic Chemisty students having prior experience in synthetic organic chemistry techniques can contact directly with their CV

    Dheeraj got the prestigious Prime Minister's Research Fellowship

    We welcome M.Sc. students Charan, Krishnendhu and Sudhesh Kumari to our group for their master's theis projects

    One Ph.D vacancy is available for the July 2022 Session

    Qualification: M.Sc. OR equivalent degree in Chemistry or allied subjects (M.Sc., in any branch of Life Sciences or B.Pharm.) with at least 55% marks.

    Please see details about the Ph.D. program in the School of Chemistry and University of Hyderabad website.

Latest Publications