Research theme of our group

The main focus of the group is to find out consequences of molecular fluctuations (chemical noise) of chemical species in biochemical reaction network inside living cells. We build theoretical/computational models of biological reaction networks to understand the dynamics of chemical noise propagation through reaction networks.

We are interested in finding out why certain types of regulatory circuits are more recurrent in nature than others.

We aim to develop new methodology to determine regulatory connections among chemical species exploiting their natural variability.

We are developing new computational approaches for efficiently simulating coupled chemical reaction systems.

Another ongoing area of research is investigation of thermal transport in finite dimensional insulator lattice systems, where we study the mode of thermal energy diffusion in model systems.

We use theories/methods from statistical mechanics, stochastic calculus, chemical kinetics, non-linear dynamics, computer simulations and experimental data from published literature for our research.

Ph. D. positions are available. Please send your CV to barikdd AT or dbariksc AT


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