University of Hyderabad
Lecture Visit by the School of Chemistry faculty members to Colleges/Universities in the country

  • These visits are intended to facilitate the implementation of the following basic mandates of the UGC Networking Resource Centre (NRC): (a) mentoring the research, training and skills development of chemistry students/faculty of other (especially less-endowed) institutions, (b) supporting the development of the research capabilities and education programs in the chemistry departments of other (especially less-endowed) institutions.
  • Each faculty member of the School can make one such visit during an academic year.
  • The visit plan can be initiated by the School of Chemistry faculty member or the institution to be visited (host institution).
  • A brief plan of the visit including the purpose, schedule and travel plan may be submitted to the NRC for approval, before the visit. Copy of the relevant correspondence with the host institution may be enclosed.
  • It is recommended that the host institution should arrange the local hospitality and accommodation of the visiting faculty member at their cost; however, in case this is not possible, NRC will support the cost up to a reasonable limit.
  • The faculty member will be paid an honorarium of Rs.1000/- for undertaking the visit
  • If the visit involves 3 or more lectures (in the host institution or spread across the host institution and other nearby institutions) the cost of travel can be claimed from the NRC after completing the visit. The mode of travel should follow the University guidelines, and reimbursement will be against production of the relevant bills/receipts.